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Dan Fescue


Turf Boy


Can re-grow his “hair” in record time in cool, wet conditions.


Has a pet gopher that lives in his hair on a semi-regular basis. Can remove some of the CO2 from a room and has been looked at, along with switchgrass, to produce ethanol.


When Dan was a toddler, his parents made the mistake of leaving him alone in a small wading pool. After falling into the pool and struggling to breath for a few moments, Dan was able to crawl out of the pool and into the garage.


Soaking wet and terrified, Dan pulled on a towel that was hanging on the back of his Dad’s truck. As he pulled on the towel, a bag of pre-fertilized grass seed tipped over and dumped its entire contents onto the already bewildered toddler. Already covered in the seeds (and not knowing any better), Dan ate quite a bit of the fertilized seed.


Weeks later, Dan had sprouted his first sprouts of hair…err…grass, and the rest is history.

Dan had become part boy, part Blue Fescue, part Kentucky bluegrass, and when he’s not careful, part dandelion, clover, and thistle.

Favorite Food:

Snack size bags of 24-3-12 fertilizer and compost tea.


Short haircuts, dry summers, and an early frost.

Super Hero High - Turf Boy