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Sally Mander


Sally Mander


Can regenerate various body parts if they break off during routine mishaps. Can catch more flies with her tongue than she can with either honey or vinegar.


When Shelly Mander was nineteen, she made the mistake of going for a short swim in the retention pond of the local sea monkey farm. Normally the worst thing you can catch while swimming is E. coli, but Shelly was in for a surprise.

Somehow she had become impregnated with salamander eggs altered by the company’s dumping of chemicals they were using to try and grow a large sea monkey to be used as the next “new white meat.”

A few days later, Sally was born to a very surprised young Shelly.

Sally was indeed a salamander…but with long, flowing, brown hair (and a really long tail)!

Favorite Food:

Sushi, gummi worms, and anything that’s left in the tray of the bug zapper in her Mom’s back yard.


Tanning beds and really bright, sunny days. Has a strong dislike of geckos and newts…who seem to get all the attention on TV.

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