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Mike Monkeedee


Monkey Boy


Can throw a banana peel 40 yards. Likes to occasionally throw less desirable things but is being trained to stop that habit. Is able to climb to the top of a tree and hang upside-down for longer stretches than should physically be possible.


Adopted from a local animal shelter, Mike’s parents thought they were simply getting a new pet to keep their Siberian Snow Skunk company.

But Mike was much more than a pet…and much more than simply a monkey.

He had been raised from infancy by a couple who raised monkeys to be service animals for blind dogs being used as service animals for disabled people.

But Mike’s “parents” quickly learned he was quite unique. For one thing, Mike spoke eloquent, fluent English but was just as mischievous as the other monkeys.

Feeling like Mike was wasting his time leading around blind dogs who were leading around blind people, Mike’s “parents” gave him up to be raised as a human.

Favorite Food:

Bananas, plantains, cheese in a can, and Salisbury steak TV dinners.


Cannot help but dance if he hears bongos being played. Is frequently in trouble for freeing monkeys from labs. Cries at the end of King Kong.

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