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Name: Andy Schokdum
Alias: Electro Boy
Powers: Able to generate large amounts of electricity from the tips of his fingers and his hair is a small fission reactor.

When shopping for their first home, Mr. Schokdum and his fiancé trusted a local real estate agent who said the small house located just outside of the perimeter of the town’s nuclear power plant was perfectly safe. The realtor promised them that it wasn’t odd that the well that supplied water to the house was drawing water released by the plant.

Within a few weeks of purchasing the house, Mrs. Schokdum was pregnant with their first child. No pre-natal vitamin in the world could offset what the power plant was doing to young Andy.

Andy was born part boy…but mostly electricity!

Favorite Food:

Pop Rocks


Gym class showers, rain, people who think they can use him to charge their iPods and cell phones. Has an unfounded fear that, if ever struck by lightning, he’d spontaneously explode and destroy the town.

Super Hero High - Electro Boy