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Name: Charles Gryllus
Alias: Cricket Boy
Powers: Able to jump high into the air, play annoying sounds by rubbing his legs together, and can quickly strip a field of its crops.
Origin: While she was pregnant, someone dared Mrs. Gryllus to eat a handful of chocolate covered crickets. Not knowing the snacks were irradiated using spent nuclear fuel rods by North Korean Konnfections, Mrs. Gryllus ate an entire bag of the sweet, crunchy treats.

She ended up giving birth to a child who resembled the snacks she had been dared to consume (albeit without the sweet candy coating).

Charles was born part boy…but mostly cricket!
Favorite Food: All you can eat salad bars
Weakness: Cannot walk through a field recently sprayed with pesticide. Has a crippling fear of large jars that don’t have holes poked into the lid.
Super Hero High - Cricket Boy